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No Holds Bard

Apr 26, 2017

For this month's Wildcard we have our very first live episode, recorded in Brooklyn on Shakespeare's 453rd birthday. This episode is also available as a Facebook Live video on our facebook page at Special thanks to Dani Lencioni and Drew Broussard of EVELYN for the live acoustic performance...

Apr 19, 2017

This week we’ll sweep vainly, grow up with a sea monster, and check in with the 56-year old teacher from a prestigious Manhattan public school who was recently found guilty of attempting to seduce his sixteen-year-old student by buying her beers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then quoting Shakespeare...

Apr 13, 2017

Are you on the way to see a production of TITUS ANDRONICUS? This episode will get you up to speed on the play in a variety of ways to insure that you'll be the best little audience member you can be. @NoHoldsBardCast

Apr 5, 2017

This week we'll make a point about Romeo and Juliet, bend Shakespeare over, and cash in on the Shakespearian notebook we submitted to Antique Roadshow that is of "enormous scholarly value." @NoHoldsBardCast